Talking food: Brussel Sprouts

With Christmas just more than a month away I thought I would right to talk about the benefits of one of the ‘marmite’ of vegetables, the brussel sprout!!!!

Brussel Sprouts have been show to help to detoxify nasty toxins that enter the body. These can be environmental toxins or alcohol from all the social events you will be going to over the next few weeks.

Within the brussel is sulforaphane which increases the production of an enzyme called ‘phase-2 enzymes,’ which help destroy damaging free radicals and help fight carcinogenesis (good cells transformed in to cancerous cells).

The active ingredient within brussels is sinigrin which is responsible for the smell of brussel sprouts. It can suppress the development of precancerous cells and has been shown to help reduce the incidence of cancers such as colon cancer.

Being a child who has seen both his parents die of cancer this food just from a health perspective is a no brainer even if it is just for the festive period.

Brussels also supply a great amount of folic acid, potassium and bone building vitamin k.

Whether you love or loth brussel spouts you can’t deny the health benefits of the food so make sure you include them on your plate over this festive period!!!