Talking food: Coconut Oil

One of the biggest misconceptions in recent time has been that coconut oil is bad for you because it contains saturated fat.

Coconut and coconut oil are one of the most healthiest things your body can ingest.

People from the Pacific islands and Asia have had this food in their diet for a long time now and not surprisingly this population have a decreased risk of things such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative diseases.

Coconut oil has a form of fat in it called medium chain triglycerides (MCT’s). Because of MCT’s physical and biochemical make-up it is much easier for the body to metabolise than its ‘long chain’ saturate fat counterparts.

On the whole when you ingest MCT’s they are preferentially used for energy by the body rather than stored and also help stimulate your fatty metabolism which is vital when wanting to programme your body to burn fat as a fuel for the day ahead.

Coconut oil can be cooked with, put in coffee and even had on its own.

Start bringing a teaspoon of coconut oil in at the start of the day as well as cooking your meals with it