Pauls top 5 foods for increased fat loss

There are a lot of top foods out there however I have narrowed down 5 foods that I would encourage you to start adding in to your nutritional plan straight away.


Kale – This food is packed with nutrients as well as helping clear toxins from the body which in turn is putting you in a more alkaline state (perfect for fat loss). It also helps suppress appetite

Avocado – Mono-saturate which helps improve improve cell membrane and fat burning hormone integrity. You are also less likely to store fat and in turn speed up your metabolism



Wild Salmon – Lets get this right from the start. The salmon you eat must be wild for you to get the full benefits from it. Wild salmon feed on something called Krill which gives it, its omega 3 properties, NOT pellets like you see and hear in the salmon farms. Wild salmon is packed in omega 3 which helps balance your 3,6+9 ratio’s. The omega also helps increase insulin sensitivity which is imperative for fat loss.



Coconut Oil – As cooking oils go this is imperative for you to use with your meals, especially in the morning. Coconut oil is packed full of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) which your body preferentially uses for energy.


Cinnamon – This great spice is not only great tasting but it also helps shuttle circulating glucose into cell membranes quicker meaning insulin hangs around the blood stream less frequently.