Do your priorities match up with your training goals?

Here is a scenarios for you:

A client comes in to see me for a free 30 minute consultation where i try and find out as much information about them as possible. I try throughout this period to gauge some sort of ‘gut’ feeling about their psychological state. This is one, to know whether i can work with them and secondly, to know the appropriate ways i should act around that person in order to get the best out of them.

They fill me in on how they are fed up with their belly fat and how they want nothing more than to lose it and see those ‘6 chunks’ of muscles gleaming at them in the mirror. I carry on listening and start to hear bits about their social life such as nights out, lack of sleep, a busy job, meeting with friends etc……

So at this point in the conversation we have a clear goal (Client wants to lose body fat%, specifically belly fat) and i can see maybe there are areas within their lifestyle that need addressing in order to manage stress, control hormone levels and put their body in to a more anabolic state.

I let them know nicely that if they want to get the six-pack they have always dreamt of these points below need to happen:

  • Cut down dramatically on nights out binge drinking
  • Increase your sleep to 8-10 hours quality sleep a night
  • Weight train 3 times per week
  • Metabolic training session once a week
  • High intensity interval training 1-2 times per week

I see them processing their diary in their heads thinking this is going to disrupt my social life (and this is without even touching on the nutrition!!!!).

Straight away i hear

“Well Wednesday night will be a struggle because there my Orange Wednesday nights at the Odeon. I also get in late so wont be able to get 8-10 hours sleep that night and Friday nights are a no because thats my night with the girls where sleep will definitely be deprived.” So this leaves me questioning whether this person really understands how much hard work it is to get lean. So my next question is:

“how much do you think is enough to reach your goal and how much of your lifestyle do you think you need to change?”

I already know what they are going to say its just trying to let the penny drop with them.

If you want to look awesome and be awesome you have train and live like a warrior and ultimately sacrifice/change your lifestyle. In other words you HAVE TO MAKE EXERCISE AND NUTRITION A TOP PRIORITY.

For example if your top goal is to lose 1 stone in weight and drop 7% in body fat over the next 8 weeks, will current lifestyle and exercise habits be the answer when the last year of your life you haven’t seen any long term consistent change to your body at all. The answer is no. You need to change bits of your lifestyle. You need to pump Exercise and nutrition up the priority list, above Wednesday nights at the Cinema and Saturday nights out drinking with mates. Simply saying to a trainer or anybody for that matter that you desperately want to have a six-pack however are unwilling to change your lifestyle for the better is very frustrating and it doesn’t go down too well.

I fully understand that family and work are the main priorities but why cant your health and performance be the third. Surely fitness and nutrition as a main priority will improve your productivity at work and the time you spend with your kids.

The majority of you reading this post will understand the importance of fitness and nutrition and understand how much hard work and sacrifice it takes to look lean and increase your health and performance.

Have a look at your lifestyle and i guarantee there will be one thing that you can change for the better. I changed one at the weekend which was improving the quality of my sleep i.e. no TV or other electrical items in the bedroom at night!!!!! I know this will go a long way to improving my productivity for the next day as well as manage my stress levels and recovery.

So try to change one aspect of your lifestyle for the next two weeks and let me know how it goes.

That’s all for now guys.